Night symmetry
Night symmetry
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название:   Night symmetry
описание:   I took this pano in the Park of the reserve Kolomenskoye. Evening stroll along the embankment bring a lot of pleasure. A small breeze, quietness and tranquility make your trip unforgettable. I hope my picture will bring you pleasure and at least for a moment to tear from the cares and worries of modern life.
тема:   пейзаж
дата:   1 октября 2012 в 20:24
альбом:   Пейзаж
камера:   Canon EOS 5D Mark II
объектив:   Canon EF 24-105MM F4L IS USM
комментарий:   нет
просмотров:   616

 была: 3 августа 2014 (00:52)

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 телефон: 8(926)717-6332

 ещё: "Most people stiffen with self-consciousness when they pose for a photograph. Lighting and fine camera equipment are useless if the photographer cannot make them drop the mask, at least for a moment, so he can capture on his film their real, undistorted personality and character. " Philippe Halsman

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